Sam Abrams

Dsc 0719

Sam Abrams has been doing improv since January 2014, preceded by years of experience in Theater from grade school through college.
She regularly performs with the Philly Improv Theater House Team Swan Year, the PHIT Dynamite Series team Untitled, and independent teams Neighborhood Watch and Bad Kitten. With these teams, she's performed in New York, Baltimore, Washington DC, and Richmond.
She is currently coaching the independent team Kilimanjaro.
She has been teaching the 6th-8th grade class at PHIT Kids since the launch of the program. She also designed the drama program at Camp Sequoia, an overnight camp for children with social skills difficulties, where she taught as a camp counselor for 3 years.
When she's not doing improv (which is rare, since she does a lot of improv), she is one of the go-to photographers in the Philly Improv community, knits like a mofo, and is a Tummler at Indy Hall, one of the first coworking communities on the east coast.


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