Ralph Andracchio

Ralph is a performer, director, producer, and instructor and has been involved in improv comedy since 2008. He is the Artistic Director Emeritus of Philly Improv Theater (PHIT) and during his tenure was instrumental in moving the theater into it’s permanent home at The Adrienne Theater, as well a...
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Zachary Uzupis

Hey I'm Zak - I love improv. Been doing it regularly since 2007. I started at the Upright Citizens Brigade Training Center in NYC. These are the classes I took with the teachers I took them with: Improv 101 - Ryan Karels Improv 201 - Joe Wengert Improv 301 - Doug Moe Improv 401 - Kevin Hine...
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Rob Alesiani

Rob Alesiani began his improv journey as a student at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in NYC in 2005. After a long sabbatical, he returned to improv in 2013 when he moved back to Philadelphia, completing the core training program at The Philly Improv Theater. He has completed the Summer ...
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Kevin Ruth

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Kevin Pettit

Kevin has been a regular instructor at PHIT since 2012. He was honored to work with PHIT indie team Rage Friends as their director for their debut and the year to follow. Kevin has been a member of PHIT improv house team Davenger, Philly indie teams Iron Lung, Beirdo and Playback. He also perf...
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Rachel Semigran

Rachel Semigran was a member of Philly Improv Theater house teams Mayor Karen, Hot Dish, and winner of the now defunct WitOut Award for "Best Improv Team" Sabotage. Rachel founded PHIT's Kids & Teens education program and is currently directing the art-meets-improv show Untiled. She also performs...
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Caitlin S. Weigel

Caitlin Weigel is a Philadelphia-based performer, writer, and coach. She has coached the Philly Improv Theater House Team, Outside Voices, as well as the independent team, Bill Parks. She teaches Improv 101 and 201 at PHIT, and has taught a workshop on specifics at the Philly Improv Festival and ...
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Whitney Harris

Hi, I'm Whitney and I would love to coach you. I've studied improv at PHIT since 2012 and am currently on the house team Hoffman. I also perform with indie team Aretha’s Hat and Spoon Factory (VS’s season 3 champions). I perform monthly as a part of the Dynamite Series “Untitled". I've taken c...
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Meredith Weir

I've been studying and performing improv since 2011. I have strong respect and love for the craft that I'd like to share with you. I've taken classes under multitudes of fantastic teachers from Magnet, UCB, PHIT, and various workshops from instructors all around the world. I am currently performi...
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Robert O'Neill

Robert O’Neill is an instructor, director and performer at Philly Improv Theater. He currently performs with PHIT house team The Future and directs the Harold team Swan Year. He is also a member of the independent ensemble Playback and can be seen monthly in the Dynamite Series show Study Hall. ...
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